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Masters in Motion Movember draw free ticket!

It’s the filmmaking event of the year. Shane Hurlbut, Vince Laforet, Alex Buono and loads more amazing speakers (and me!) Fantastic hands on day too! It’s in Austin Texas from the 3rd of December to the 5th.

Tomorrow I will draw 10 names from the Movember donators. The first person to reply saying they can come gets the free space worth $850.

It won’t affect your eligibility for the main gear draw!

I will announce the names at 1pm GMT on twitter, Facebook, tumblr and of course via email. The first person to reply with a yes they can make it gets the ticket. It’s that simple! Obviously not everyone can make it to Austin in 2 weeks that’s why the 10 names first to say yes option!

You can book your space here!

So stay tuned to my twitter at 1pm GMT (8am USA eastern) and keep an eye on your inbox!

Good luck!

Philip x

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