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Calling all filmmakers! Ryan Killackey made this excellent timelapse film with really basic gear that took him a long time to accumulate. Some shitty thief stole it all and his insurance won’t cover him. If you have any old gear sitting around you don’t use and can help a guy out am sure karma will reward you!



1. Canon Rebel XS

2. Canon 55-250mm Lens

3. Canon 50mm Lens

4. Canon 18-55mm kit Lens

5. Lensbaby Composer fisheye lens

6. Polarizer and UV filters

7. Canon Vixia HF100 HD camcorder

8. 2 8GB SDHC Class 10 cards

9. Micro Tripod

10. Foldable lens hood

11. Canon 270EX flash

12. Mini Soft box

13. Canon remote shutter release

14. A variety of lens cloths, cables, software, accessories

15. Fenix TA21 tactical flash light (for those dark nights in the desert)

16. Custom outdoor swiss army knife

17. Wireless flash system

18. Everything was in my LowePro Camera bag (I don’t recall the model).

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