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Randy and I in Amsterdam

I have met Kentucky native Randy Noland two times, once at the Amsterdam meet up last December then at my Brussels workshop even though he actually lives in the US. He is a wonderful guy and I have kept in touch with him ever since. He runs a successful software company but also creates all the video content as he loves to shoot. He has a huge passion for filming!

I knew he was expecting his second child but I was devastated to learn that she died a few days ago. Bonnie had a rare condition, Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia, and lived just under 3 months. The only comfort was that she died in her parents’ arms. 

No parent should ever have to bury their own child and I ask if you can take a moment to think about them at this time of year and or course cherish your loved ones as they are the really important things in life. I know I will. 

Randy made a lovely video for all his family and friends to mark Bonnie’s short life. My thoughts are with Randy, his wife, his daughter and all his other family. 



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  4. mrgiuliano said: I met Randy at the philip workshop in Bruxelles. Few days together, a few beers and I understand he is a great person. Also if we are distance you have a brother in this hard time!
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